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apple vs. microsoft. presentation style.

since i'm on the topic apple vs microsoft, i figured i'd talk more trash about microsoft.

notice the cluttered background of bill gate's presentation. i'd like to say, i hate powerpoint. it is the most poorly designed presentation software ever to be created. it's also the most abused in terms of giving horrible presentations. i can't tell you how many presentations i've created for other people who have no regard for how many points they put on each slide.

notice how bill gates has the same hand gesture as mr burns (the simpsons).

here's steve jobs giving a presentation. nice and clean. that's the way it's supposed to be done.


Jess said...

Nice timing. The cover story for this month's American Bar Association Journal was "Mac v. PC: Can lawyers score more with Apples?"

jeffwongdesign said...

interesting. what's the answer? who can score more?

Jess said...

ehh. i didn't get through the whole thing. the cover pic [a pacman take-off] was the most interesting part to me. it's two "lawyer-experts" rehashing their opinions on which system is better. you can check it out yourself: http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/mac_v_pc/

as for me, i'm sticking with my mac. =o)

jeffwongdesign said...

nice... although, didn't you get seriously burned by your mac recently? (literally)

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