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flat screen tvs evolution.

this says it all.


Annie said...

it sure does.

this all contributes to the obesity epidemic that was declared in 2001 by the US Surgeon General.


jeffwongdesign said...

the funny thing is, i'm going to get a bigger lcd soon once everything pans out with the new condo. muhahahahah.

Annie said...

haha, whatever.

the question is, will you be home enough to be watching tv all the time? probably not.

lol, i have a 52 inch and i barely watch tv.

jeffwongdesign said...

yes, i will watch it. heheh. i'll be playing video games on it and watching corny movies on it.

hopefully i won't get fat tho.

Annie said...

haha, you won't get fat, by then you'll probably start working out again?

oh yea..i forgot about videogames...oooh that's gonna be awesome on a huge tv!! :)

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