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wall e. great movie.

went with annie to watch wall e this afternoon. i heard alot of mixed reviews, but i've always been a big fan of pixar movies. i must say this is one of their best works. i was really impressed. though alot of people complained that wall e is a rip of johnny 5 from short circuit, i think it's nice to see some of those great ideas brought. i was surprised when annie (7 years younger than me) never saw short circuit!

i loved how the movie hardly used any dialogue. brilliant. the final credits and all the fine details were spectacular. i highly recommend this movie. man, i think i was in tears a couple times. heheh.

and the best part is they used clearspring's sharing services to distribute their widget!! imagine that! share this widget to your page! woOt!


Anonymous said...

more blogs please?

jeffwongdesign said...

ack, i haven't blogged in a while. time to change that!

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