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more addthis testing.

okay, i'm doing a little more testing. right now we're thinking about replacing one of the icons on our menu. so it would be great if you could help identify:

a) which icons do you recognize
b) which button looks the best

1. delicious, digg, live bookmarks

2. facebook, digg, live bookmarks

3. facebook, delicious, live bookmarks

4. facebook, myspace, live bookmarks

5. facebook, digg, delicious


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that the windows logo was for a bookmark service. I don't know if i knew that they had one.

Facebook, digg, MySpace, and Delcious are the most recognizable for me.

jeffwongdesign said...

cool. we're probably going to replace the windows logo icon instead now. just had a meeting and it sounds like most it might just be:


the windows logo is nice, but i'm not sure if people know what it means when you put "share" next to it. great feedback!

Jess said...

based on what i recognize & what friends/colleagues share with me, i'd go with facebook, digg, and delicious.

Fred Yates said...

easily number 5 but i feel like digg should be first, then deli, then fb

jeffwongdesign said...

thanks for all the wonderful feedback! keep it coming!

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