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ping pong is for lovers.

came across this really cool tshirt recently. i might have to pick it up! hah! i'm thinking about bringing my ping pong table to my condo. you can buy the shirt here. hat tip: jessica

to get my ping pong fix, i started a little bootleg club at the office. with the help of oren, we made our own homemade table—which surprisingly worked well.

i wonder who wants to play with me. [shrugs]


Jess said...

no matter how lame the shirt may or may not be, i can totally seeing you drooling over a girlie in it. happy early ♥ day.

[hope annie isn't the "...meh" voter.]

jeffwongdesign said...

that's true, this would be a very cool tshirt for anyone! it'd be much more interesting on a girl than a guy.

i'm seriously tempted to buy one though. i need some new kick as swagger. thanks for the link!

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