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home cinema couch.

typically, i'm really into designer furniture, but i can't help but to admire the simple functional design of the home cinema chairs. they seat comfortably and they even have a fridge/cup holder. i had the chance to try on out this weekend, and it was everything i thought it would be. the only rub was the color. i would have to get a black leather one. this may be my next big purchase for the condo. thoughts?

learn more about the couch here.

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Annie said...

yea, let's check it out together. :)

next weekend?

jeffwongdesign said...

yah! i definitely wanna go.. and i wanna look at the plants.

vincent gerald said...

Nice couch, would really want to try it out and have a feel of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jeffffff I think that would be an EXCELLENT couch from an excellent company. =o)

jeffwongdesign said...

hah! i might just have to pick one up soon... they're so comfy.

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