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new bird feeder.

i just got a bird house last week. looks like it's working. i've had several beautiful visitors stop by—in a variety of colors and sizes.

i recently discovered that james d. watson was a bird watcher as well.


Alyssa said...

Beautiful pictures! What kind of bird is the little yellow and black dude? I could get a bird feeder if I wanted to torture both the birds and my cat :-P

jeffwongdesign said...

i believe yellow/black bird is an american goldfinch. it visits me every day in the morning and evening. i've seen a bunch of birds pass through, including a cardinal.


Hah, you should get one! The feeder was $4. The food, however, was a little bit more.

Annie said...



those are beautiful photos and beautiful birds.

jeffwongdesign said...

yah, i saw the goldfinch again today. it's so cute.

Jess said...

ooh, even nicer than i'd imagined from your description. props on hot photos too.

jeffwongdesign said...

Thanks! I'd like to get a lens with a little more magnification... :)

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