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Cool office spaces. Where would you work?

I feel that any place that doesn't look like work, will be better for me. If it's comfortable, and feels more like a fun space, I will feel more comfortable, and probably work more hours... and collaborate more. What about you? What kind of environment would you like to work in?

See more cool office environments here.


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I have a friend that have those chairs in her apartment and those look really nice because it is not something fancy but looks nice.
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Nelson Drinnon said...

Those are either offices with flair, or highly sophisticated bachelor pads. All kidding aside, anyone would love to work on those kinds of environments. You know what would be equally appealing? If the personality of those offices are consistent with the way it's being run. The aura given off by those office space are much similar to the Facebook and Google offices. Employees work hard, and play hard.

Anonymous said...

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Cool interior design. It's contemporary and looks spacious. When your work place looks like this you'll definitely be inspired to work hard.

web design ventura said...

Wow! Very amazing interior designs. I just want this in my future house. Very cool and fantastic place to live in.

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