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MBP 13" + Monitor, MBP 17", MacMini + 2 Monitors, or iMac 27" Quad?

If you're a designer or web developer, which set up would you pick? Go!

1. Macbook Pro 13" 2.53GHz Dual Core + one Dell 24" Monitor

2. Macbook Pro 17" 2.8GHz Dual Core

3. MacMini 2.26GHz Dual Core + Two 24" Dell Monitors

4. iMac 27" 2.66GHz Quad Core


Anonymous said...

MacMini with 2 24" displays.

Jim Lane said...

I'd probably get the mini with the two monitors as well.

aniyukii said...


i like 13".

you'll like the 17" screen.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta go with the 27" quad core iMac. Mainly for the large screen and the hardware that will last me awhile. I'll be able to get into video editing, run Windows 7 easily for games or whatever, and it just looks sweet! Actually, I'm just waiting to pull the trigger on buying one.
- clang

jeffwongdesign said...

Oh man, it's so hard to decide. the mac mini and 2 monitors is about $1500. the macbook 13" + monitor is about $1600. the macbook pro 17" and iMac quad core is about $2000.

jeffwongdesign said...

okay, i've ended up getting one 24" monitor. it looks like i'll either go with the 13" MBP or the 17"MBP... as much as i like the power of a desktop, i need a portable solution. the 13" will probably be my weapon of choice.

revs said...

I'm going for a 24" IPS Dell and a 15" MBP. Not one of your options, but a good compromise between them!

jeffwongdesign said...

that's a good compromise as well! i may have to consider that. the price difference between a 15" and a 17" isn't that bad... so i may consider the 17" for more desktop real estate.

great recommendation. right now i'm using a 24" dell and a 15" MBP and it seems to be working pretty well! i'll post pics.

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