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NYPD officers can make 6 figures salary after 5.5 years plus huge perks.

I was talking to my buddy Matt last night and found out that an NYPD officer can make 6 figures plus perks, and work towards a nice pension plan after 20 years. Starting salary is roughly 43k, while an officer with 5.5 years under their belt gets 91k. With overtime, that definitely puts them on a 6 figure salary. The best part is, they only have 14.5 more years before they get a pension plan that covers half their salary. So let's say they get 140k salary by that time, they would get a pension plan that covers 70k annually for the rest of their life. They can take on another job, and have two sources of income. So imagine if you were 20 years old, got 70k annually from your pension plan when you're 40, and get another job... that's a phenomenal deal. That's the tax payers dollars at work! And that is why my buddy Matt is applying to the academy. He'll take a pay cut to start off, but in the long run, he'll make more.

In addition, NYPD officers get additional perks and benefits...
• 27 paid vacation days after 5 years of service
• Unlimited sick leave with full pay
• A choice of paid medical programs (this covers dependencies as well)
• Prescription, dental and eyeglass coverage (this covers dependencies as well)
• Optional retirement at one half salary after 20 years of service
• Annual $12k variable supplement fund (upon retirement)
• Annual banking of $12k variable supplement fund after 20 years of service (if not retiring)
• Excellent promotional opportunities
• Educational opportunities
• Additional benefits are available to military personnel (like owning fully automatic firearms)

But wait, that's not just it... there are other secret perks to being a cop...
• Nobody will mess with you, since you're a cop.
• You'll never get a speeding ticket ever again.
• You'll get free lunches (since people want you to check on their store/restaurants).
• Women love cops.

Don't believe it? Check out http://www.nypdrecruit.com/


Anonymous said...

I was mugged for my iPhone last night in Central Park. NYPD caught the guy. I talk about it here http://bit.ly/dgD3Tp

jeffwongdesign said...

Hoo ya NYPD.

Anonymous said...

It's a hidden secret in the city. The pay is rough at the beginning but top pay, with minimal overtime brings in an easy six figures. Not to mention the "unmentioned" perks which including a parking placard. My husband has been with the department for sometime now and he made lieutenant in under 10 years. He beings in close to 130k with hardly any overtime. He's on the list to be promoted to Captain and after a few years in rank will bring in about 165k. The media loved to discuss how severely underpaid rookies are without looking at the big picture. He will also be retired at 44 (if he doesn't stay longer) and by then will bring in a 50%, federal taxed only (no state, local, SS or medicare) yearly pension of around %80k...to do nothing! It has it's flaws, but the NYPD is a great job after you've paid your dues for the first several years. God bless.

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