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B-boy Toyz demonstrates Air Flare in slow-mo.

A local bboy, Toyz R Us (a friend of a friend), demonstrates air flares and windmills. The guy is super talented and entertaining to watch. I've watched him compete live a couple times and he's always a highlight.

This video is really well done, and I love the fact that it's in slow motion. It really gives you a chance to see his technique. Enjoy!


wings said...

dude is dope and I really need to get on my power so thanks for this...btw don't just cop this song, the whole DJ Shadow album is dope

jeffwongdesign said...

i didn't know you were a bboy wings. got any vids??

wings said...

i quit like 2 yrs ago cuz i had a kid, but i started up again recently...here's a short vid of me n my daughter doing a quick commando lol


ill keep you posted on the new demo im workin on...all my old stuff is pretty wack lol

SUNDEW said...

this video is AWESOME

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