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iPhone 4, at first glance.

I was debating about getting the iPhone 4 for the last month, and I finally got it yesterday. I've upgraded from a jailbroken 2g iphone (the original) the the iPhone 4, and I must say that it's a huge improvement. Kudos apple industrial designers. What a beautiful design and improvement. I like the fact that they moved away from the plastic, and went with glass and metal. The feeling is really nice, and is just simply stunning.

The things I noticed at first glance were:
• The screen is razor sharp... unlike anything I've ever seen
• The speed is just as fast as the iPad
• Tmobile seems to have better reception than AT&T around my home
• I haven't had any trouble with the infamous antenna issue yet


aniyukii said...

it's an awesome piece of technology. chipmunks wants one. :D

it is really sharp. it's cool that it can make HD videos too.

wings said...

is it worth buying?

jeffwongdesign said...

@Annie, you'll get one soon. Technology will only get better in the next generation.

jeffwongdesign said...

@wings, if you have an iPhone 2g or 3g, it'll be a nice upgrade. I think AT&T is a little expensive---the carrier monthly cost is what will get you in the long run. The phone is cheap in comparison to a 2 year contract.

For me, it was worth it. I really like the phone... However, I wouldn't upgrade from a 3GS unless I was eligible for subsidy.

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