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How fast is your Mac?

Sounds like I'll be getting a new computer soon—this should make everything a faster. I'm working on a computer that's benchmarked at roughly 3300. My new computer should be close to 7000-8000. I used Geek Bench to benchmark my computer and compare numbers. They actually have a really nice application and website. Check it out, and tell me how fast your computer is. Here's a screenshot of their computers... You'll notice that my computer isn't even in this photo.


Steve said...

From the sound of it, you must be getting at least Mac Pro Quad. I just benched my new, out of the box MPB 2.6 i7, 8GB mem and I was only hitting 5780. I don't know if switching to 64bit would help. You pay for geekbench to get 64bit testing functionality.

jeffwongdesign said...

Man, I wish I was getting a Quad Core. I might just have to buy a quad core iMac for my home.

What are you pimpin?

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