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T-Mobile Commercial

This was shot with real passengers coming out of the airport terminal. While it was used primarily for a commercial, it's really impressive how the guys at Satchi & Satchi coordinated it. Watch the video. Hat tip: @uyfresh

Watch the behind the scenes video.


wings said...

man i love singing flash mobs...great catch man. also, happy holidays.

jeffwongdesign said...

i don't know whether i like it or hate it. it's cool that they're welcoming people back... i mean, that is really cool... but they turn it into this commercial. it just don't feel genuine. nonetheless, it's an awesome idea.

and happy holidays wings! i need to buy you a drink—you're one of the few people who leave comments! :)

wings said...

all good man, we'll do a remote toast and call it even ^_^

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