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Traffic in McLean

If you were stuck somewhere in Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland yesterday, it's because a handful of assholes got stuck and caused us to wait in traffic for hours.

I believe that we should pass a law that heavily fines people for getting stuck. If you notice the photo below, there are about 5 or 6 BMWs couldn't go up the hill (since they're RWD). This caused a massive traffic block, and totally shut down a road. Instead of being fined, these cars are rewarded by getting free help and free towing.

Sadly, the responsible ones who bought FWD/AWD/4x4 for these kinds of conditions are punished by the irresponsible ones.

How many hours did it take you to get home? Here's an awesome video of me sitting in traffic (when I live only 1.8 miles away from work).


Anonymous said...

Ha... I saw an SL550 doing the same thing.. Guy asked me for help and I laughed...

Anonymous said...

You live within easy walking distance (~30 mins or less) and you're complaining about being stuck in traffic? See those things at the bottom of your legs? They are a form of transportation, too.

Anonymous said...

You must be new. Welcome to Northern Virginia, where assholes don't know how to drive and bigger assholes complain when they think they do. Did you offer to push them out of your way asshole?

jeffwongdesign said...

Yes, I could walk... but I helped a few folks. The problem is that they kept trying to go up a hill (when I advised them to turn around and deflate their tires by about 10psi). The ended up getting stuck again when they tried driving another 10 feet. In addition, they didn't want to deflate their tires.

I've been in NOVA for about 3 years now. Most people here don't understand the limits of their cars. I've lived in Rochester NY and have gone off road'n with friends... so I know the limits of most vehicles in this kind of weather.

As for walking, I seriously considered it... but McLean doesn't have sidewalks to run to my house. I'd be walking in the middle of the road (which wouldn't be safe on some roads). Not sure if that would be the safest solution.

There are people who lack knowledge, don't listen, and are rewarded for driving irresponsibly. This is why I propose punishing the lowest common denominators with heavy fines versus rewarding them with free help.

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