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cool business card designs.


here are some cool business cards i came across recently. (hat tip: foo)

this is a nice asian touch. has alot of personality, and communicates respect. the experience of receiving a card would be very memorable too. this design could play out into a nice collateral. it would be cool to see a concept like this mixed with the iphone campaign (the whole idea of "touch").

not the most clever business card, it's a nice treatment. it's nice to see a simple idea executed from time to time. clean and simple... and most importantly, gets the idea across.

the varnish on black is a beautiful treatment. you see it alot used on brochures and packaging, but it's nice to see on a business card. the visual texture is pleasant, and i hope to create a card like this for clearspring very soon.

need i say more? this is an incredible card. i love it. shows so much personality. really takes guts to pull this one off. this may be one of the most memorable cards i've seen in a long time. you may be thinking, "it's not something you can really carry around" or "how do you staple it to a resume?", but i argue that it is very appropriate for a creative director looking for a new job. how many business cards do you think this guy really needs to hand out? i'd give him a shot any day of the week to come up with some great ideas. the tag-line, though cliché, is a fun touch.

i love how practical this card seems. unfortunately, it seems too old school in a way. it's nice to see that the designer is communicating old-school craftsmanship, but perhaps he should think of a more modern tool. for example, what about basic measurements/tools for the web? it's be interesting to see how something like that could be executed.

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PSD To Wordpress said...

Very impressive designs!These are a great examples of great work..Thumbs up...

Waseem said...

Clear business cards is an important aspect of your business..By giving this no one can forget you and your business.

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