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fonts on the fly.

this website blew me away. it was fast and easy to use to test out fonts quickly. not sure if i would use it for logo design, but if you wanted to do a quick test with basic fonts, i highly recommend trying it out. the speed is incredible. i could see a tool like this for graphic designers help them with typographic explorations. check out the website here and try it for yourself. what's your favorite font?

i'm still a big fan of helvetica. oh, a little fun fact... not sure if you knew this, but arial was microsoft's version of helvetica b/c they didn't want to buy the license to use it in their system at the time. the easiest way to tell the difference between the two is by the shape of the "R". learn more here.


Alyssa said...

Univers is my favorite font. Its so clean and has so many variations you can use to build create really interesting typographic pieces.

Did you know there is a documentary on Helvetica? I haven't watched it yet, but if you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly on your 360.

jeffwongdesign said...

yeh, we should watch that sometime. movie night!!

i love univers as well. did you know that it was created by a student? pretty impressive right? another one of my fav fonts, similar to univers is DIN. it's a little more modern, and i like the fact that it's slightly different.

Alyssa said...

Oh yeah, we should totally watch that! Especially since I don't think I have many friends that would be like "Let's get together and watch a documentary on Helvetica!" LOL.

I have to look up DIN now.

jeffwongdesign said...

heheh. let's do it!

yeh, DIN is goooood. i forgot what it means, but it's german.

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