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trying to grow some plants from seeds this weekend:
1. cactus
2. red chili pepper
3. bonsai

should start seeing some results in 4 weeks. in the mean time i may mock up some designs for a website concept: "is my plant dead?". basically it'll allow you to rate other people's plants, and how dead you think it is. it'd be cool to allow people to give tips, and exchange seeds for free.


Unknown said...

they've sprouted and it's only been 3 days!! ^___^

they need to grow fasterr!! heheh.

SiRosie said...

how fun i love cactuses...i have one i bought at the 99 cent store and it was tiny and it had small spikes and now its all big with some huge spikes

good luck....post some pictures when they begin to grow

jeffwongdesign said...

thanks SiRosie! do you have photos of your catus?

and yes, i just posted an image of the new sprouts.

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