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Vote for the AddThis Halloween Logo (sneak peak)

Each holiday, I try to come up with an original logo (under a time constraint). My hope is to try making our icon somewhat of an avatar for end users one day. I'd love to show a little personality and charisma with the orange plus.

This holiday I'd like to get your opinion. Please share your opinion, or any ideas. I will render the most popular one. (PS, I'm terrible at sketching. These were from a quick brainstorm with the team... so look at the concept, and not the execution).

1. Pumpkin

2. Frankenshare

3. Ghost

Out Takes I really like some of these, but we'll have to be sensitive about using trademarked characters and offending anyone. Anyway, I liked them so much I thought I'd share them with you. Perhaps it'll give someone else some inspiration for their Holiday logo.

(out take) Monster's inc

(out take) Devilish

(out take) HR Giger's Alien

(out take) Vampire Hickey

(out take) Running with a Knife... oops.

(out take) Charlotte's Web

(out take) Facebook Connect Mask

(out take) Zombie... mmmmmm... brains...

Other AddThis Holiday Logos These are our other Holiday logos we've designed in the past. My personal favorite is Valentines day.

Labor Day

Independence Day

Father's Day

Memorial Day

Mother's Day

St Patty's Day

April Fools


Valentines Day

New Years


oby1 said...

My vote is for the pumpkin

JL said...


Justin Thorp said...

I like the creativity of Ghost.

Ian said...


maybe try a candy-corn for next year.

aniyukii said...

my favorite is actually from the out takes, which is the zombie one, i like the depiction of the brain and bones.

if you are asking about the first 3, i would have to say i like the pumpkin one because it's universal. the frankenshare is kinda gender specific. i dunno if that really matters tho.

umm...the ghost one you can't really see the logo.

ok ok...final answer: PUMPKIN :)

Nate said...


Anonymous said...

(Craig Steger via facebook)
Gotta say to go with the pumpkin. Safe for all sites. Close 2nd is Frankenshare.

Anonymous said...

(Jess Stankus) via facebook)

Unknown said...

Frankenshare - stitched together from discarded bits of code from across the web sharing space.

If we could only find a brain for it . . . .

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