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New 15" MacBook Pro, fully loaded.

I'd love to get an update to my MacBook Pro, but it works for now. The new MacBook has some nice hardware updates like more battery life, adaptive processing speeds, higher resolution monitor, larger harddrive, faster processor and graphics card, and more.

So what does a fully loaded 15" Macbook Pro look like?
• 2.66GHz Intel i7
• 8GB of ram
• 512GB solid state drive
• 15" hi-res glossy widescreen display (1680x1050)


wings said...

it looks like $4000 to me LOL thanks to this it's now possible to buy a barely used 09 Macbook Pro model on craigslist for under $700

jeffwongdesign said...

oh wow, $700?? nice price...

seriously, $4000 is like a down payment for a car.

Unknown said...

but is the one on craigslist fully loaded?

Natural Yeast Infection Treatment said...

OMG, this is too much. More ebay macbook are cheap.

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