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Why California Gurls and TiK ToK sound similar.

When I first heard California Gurls, I noticed the 8bit synth and simple electro pop kick snare pattern. It immediately reminded me of TiK Tok. So after looking up the producers, it turns out the both Ke$ha and Katie Perry hired Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. These two have also produced some other notable smash singles for Katie Perry "I Kissed a Girl", Britney Spears "Circus", and Ke$ha "Blah Blah Blah.

California Gurls


Expect to hear more of these electro pop producers soon. They're topping the charts on billboard.com.


Anonymous said...

...and heres the evidence that could be heard in court...a mashup of the two tracks proving they are one of the same.

jeffwongdesign said...

yah, i've actually heard that one on youtube! good find!

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