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Tower Madness, Endurance, Wave 327/327.

I've finally beat Tower Madness on endurance. Here's a screenshot of my setup, and I managed to save all 10 sheep. In my previous games, I played it on the iPhone, but the board is identical. The only difference is that I used a ton of flame throwers.

Here are screenshots of my previous attempts on the iPhone: wave 126/327 and wave 220/327


Anonymous said...

Good one, driving me nuts!

Anonymous said...

How did you start out? The flyers still seem to be getting by!

Internet Marketing said...

http://www.creekwalker.org/q3/files/temp/endurance.png There you go, that works without flamethrowers.

nihongoh said...

In this screenshot u can't be able to save all the sheep even u got ur victory.

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