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jeffwongdesign iMac

This is my new workstation. It benchmarks at 6503. While it's not the fastest computer, it's plenty of power for what I'm working on these days. Here's a screenshot of my current setup. I'm still decorating and installing all my software. Thanks Stephen and Roger for the recommendations. And thanks to Annie for helping me pick it up. ^_^


wings said...

is that the panda from Ranma?!

lol jk that's a sick setup. whered you pick up that desk?

jeffwongdesign said...

Hah, wow, I can't believe you picked up on that. Yah, the panda is Genma (from Ranma 1/2), and if you look really closely, the pig is P-Chan.

I'll post up more picks tomorrow of the setup. I'm hooking up all my audio equipment again, so it's going to be pretty decked out.

I got the desk from Guitar Center. It's designed to hold a bunch of racks.

You got a pick of your setup?

wings said...

my homeboy got all the Ranma boxed sets recently and is lending em to me...brings me back cuz we grew up on Ranma and Tenchi Muyo with their effing 2 episode, VHS releases lol

the setup's in the planning stages til my lady and i agree on what kinda mac to get...im leaning on proposing a 21.5 iMac.

i do like the idea of an elevated screen. my neck looks forward to it...plus some of my sexy evangelion figures can come down from the top of the book shelf lol not to mention having desk real estate for my intuos3

LMAO @ "designed to hold a bunch of racks"

Bette said...

ooo…I love pandas. Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down! I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic! hkpanda.freetzi. com

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