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AddThis is looking for sexy 32x32 icons, like PrintFriendly.

We just updated our 16x16 icons recently, and now it's time to look at a larger set of icons. If you're integrated with AddThis, send me your 32x32 icon, and we'll push it out in our next update. We recently released a 32x32 version of our toolbox, but it might not have every service.

I just got in touch with the team at PrintFriendly, and they sent me their updated 32x32 icon. As you can see in the image below, the icon from PrintFriendly sure beats the upscaled version. It also looks great on a dark background.

If you have a sexy 32x32 icon for your service, and you're integrated with AddThis, send me a link to a hi-res PNG. I'll make sure that it gets included in our next menu push.

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