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What the drizzle?

Maybe I'm agitated today because I feel like everyone thinks they're an expert, and they're really not. Or perhaps it's because I'm turning 31 tomorrow and I didn't do anything last year and I'm probably not doing anything this year. Most likely, I'm this way because it's been crappy outside for the last couple days, and won't stop raining. What the drizzle? Anyone else feelin' me?


aniyukii said...

i feel agitated sometimes too when the weather gets yucky like today's.

i also get irritated with annoying facebook stalkers.

happpyy birrthhddaaaayy! and, don't worry we'll have fun tonight. i hope you gots lots of energy for tonight. heheh.

wings said...

happy bidet man

jeffwongdesign said...

thanks man!

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